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Tajikistan at crossroads of the drug trade

For the Detroit Free Press, Mark McDonald reported on 4 May 2004 that Afghan narco-barons had begun stamping their brand names on the 2.2-pound bags of heroin they smuggle out of central Asia to buyers in Moscow, London, New York and Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Sacks of high-quality Afghan heroin seized in Tajikistan carried the trademarks Super Power and 555. Some of the sacks, which were hidden inside foil-lined containers of instant cappuccino mix, even included the addresses of the labs in Afghanistan where the heroin had been refined. Drug-control experts say the number of processing facilities in Afghanistan has exploded over the last year, and a Western-led campaign against opium-growing and heroin laboratories has been a wholesale failure. The trade and huge sums of money involved threaten to undermine vulnerable bordering nations, such as Tajikistan. Find the full story here.

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