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Drink Up! Liquid Refreshments in Early America, 1750-1850 (Symposium)

A Symposium on American Social History and Material Culture (April 1, 2005). Drink Up! explores the variety of liquid refreshments available in early American homes and taverns, who was drinking what, when and where, and how they were processed, procured, stored and served.

The social, technological and economic history associated with beverages in early American homes and taverns is examined in topics such as home and commercial beverage production, consumption patterns, imported beverages and trade. Discussions also investigate the material culture of table wares and containers in which beverages were stored, prepared and consumed.

Eleanor Breen, Mount Vernon
Frank Clark, Colonial Williamsburg
Ellen Denker, Independent Historian
David Hildebrand, Colonial Music Institute
Justin Sarafin, Monticello

Exhibits & Demonstrations:
Chocolate Making ­ Tavern Music - Artifacts - Reproductions

Advance Registration Required by March 21st:
Cost: $65
Information: Phone (703) 631-1429 or email: [email protected]

Sponsored by:
Fairfax County Park Authority & George Mason University ­ History Department

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