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Alcohol in History (Syllabus)

Dr. Norman R. Bennett's syllabus for his course, Alcohol in History.

In case it is useful, here is a syllabus for a course I formerly taught before going emeritus: Alcohol in History Hi 290 Semester 1, 1997-8               

Prof. Norman R. Bennett

Texts:  M. Marshall, Beliefs, Behaviors and Alcoholic
                M. McDonald, Gender, Drink & Drugs
                T. Unwin, Wine and the Vine
                M. Lender & J. Martin, Drinking in America

Course Packet Readings

                S. Barrows & R. Room, Drinking: Behavior &
                        Belief in Modern History
                J.-C. Sournia, A History of Alcoholism
                R.G. Schlaadt,  Alcohol Use & Abuse
                J. Crush & C. Ambler, Liquor & Labour in Southern
                D. Christian, 'Living Water': Vodka & Russian Society
on the Eve of Emancipation
                N. Bennett, "The Golden Age of Port Wine"

Most of the above are at the Reserve Desk, Mugar.

Requirements:  You must select, by Sept. 16th, from among the
        following options your choice for fulfilling the course

    1. A midterm [25%] and a final [50%] examination, and the
       paper on the course films [25%].

    2. A research paper on an approved topic [25%], the
       final examination [50%], and the paper on the
       course films [25%].

    3. A research paper on an approved topic [25%], a midterm
       [20%] and a final examination [35%], and the paper on
       the course films [20%].

        The Film Paper.  The films are an integral part of the
        semester's work.  You are required to prepare an analytical
        paper [5 to 10 pages in length] evaluating the messages
        presented in the films.  You are expected to think about
        the content of all of the course films, deciding the
        specific message of each.  Then formulate your
        conclusions about the worth of the films for the
        understanding of alcohol in history.  Your reasoning must
        be accompanied by specific comparisons between the content
        of the films, course readings, and lectures.

        Film Paper Grading.  To receive an A grade, the student
        should accomplish the following: [1] select at least three
        general analytical themes as the basis of the discussion;
        [2] mention in positive or negative analysis at least 75%
        of the films shown this term; [3] include specific
        references from the texts and lectures in the comments on
        the films; there should be significant references from at
least 3 of the readings.

        Due date:  The paper is due before noon on Dec. 16th.
        You are required to sign a form acknowledging the receipt
        of your paper.  Papers not signed in will be treated as
        late papers and will be penalized for each day past the

Research Paper.  The following conditions must be met if you
        wish to present a research paper:

        1. You must select a thesis for discussion in the paper.  A
        thesis, according to Webster, is "a proposition to be
        defended in argument."  Here is an example: the French
        effort to limit alcohol consumption failed because of the
        failure of the reformers to understand the role of drink in
        French culture.  The presentation of your thesis entails
        an evaluation of the arguments in its favor, or the

        2, A research paper proposal must be submitted by Sept.
        30th.  The proposal must include [1] the specific thesis of     the
paper, [2] a clear statement of the proposed
        development of your argument, [3] your proposed
        bibliography.  If you do not follow these steps your paper
        will not be accepted.

        3. You will discuss the proposal with me during a scheduled
        appointment.  One or more subsequent meetings will be
        scheduled to discuss the progress of your work.  Final
        papers are due before noon on Dec. 16th.  Late
        submissions will be penalized for each day past the 30th..

        4. Paper length: 15 to 20 pages.

        Midterm Examination:  There is no make-up examination
     for the midterm exam.  If you miss the exam its percentage
     will be added to that of the final examination.

        Final Examination:  The final examination will be
     given only on the date set by CAS [Dec. 19; 12:30 PM]
        A make-up will be offered only in Sept. 1997.  There will
        be no exceptions.  If this complicates your life too much,
     you should select another course.

        Office Hours: History Department
                                226 Bay State Rd., room 306
                                Tues.- Thurs., 9-10:30 A.M. & by appointment

Tentative Lecture Schedule

Sept. 2         Introduction to Alcohol in History and the
Course Requirements

                Readings: Barrows & Room, Drinking, 1-20

                        Recommended: Barrows & Room, Drinking, 376-419

Sept. 4 & 9     Understanding Alcohol & Alcoholism

                        Readings: Alcoholism, 17-51
                                         Sournia, History of Alcoholism, 43-50
                                         Schlaadt, Alcohol Use & Abuse, 20-40

Sept. 11                Alcohol Use in World Societies: Differences &

                        Readings: Marshall, Beliefs, 1-35, 451-457
                                         McDonald, Gender, 1-25

                        Recommended: Marshall, Beliefs [articles in all

Sept. 16                Alcohol & Gender

                        Readings: McDonald, Gender, 33-51, 99-121,

                        Recommended: McDonald, Gender [other articles
                                        on gender]

Sept. 18,
23, 25, 30,
Oct. 2          Alcohol: Drinking, Preparation, & Commerce
                        from the Ancient World to the 16th Century

                        Readings: Unwin, Wine & the Vine, 1-204

Oct. 7          Introducing Alcohol to New Societies: I.
                                        The Americas

                        Readings: Marshall, Beliefs, 110-158

                        Recommended: Marshall, Beliefs, 158-190

Oct. 9          II. Pacific Islands

                        Readings: Marshall, Beliefs, 192-267

Oct. 16         Examination

Oct. 21         Alcohol & Popular Culture: Case Studies.
I. 18th Century France

                        Readings: Barrows & Room, Drinking, 61-86

Oct. 23         II. 19th & 20th Century Industrial

                        Readings: Barrows & Room, Drinking, 87-108,

Oct. 28         Exploitation: Case Studies. I. Russia, 17th
        Century to 1863

                        Readings: Barrows & Room, Drinking, 243-258
                                         D. Christian, 'Living Water': Vodka &
                                                Russian Society on the Eve of
                                                Emancipation,  21-47

Oct. 30         II. South Africa, 19th & 20th Centuries

                        Readings: Crush & Ambler, Liquor & Labor, 1-35

                        Recommended: Barrows & Room, Drinking, 165-178
                                                Marshall, Beliefs, section 6

Nov. 4, 6,
  11, 13, 18
                        Individual Alcoholic Beverages: Social
                        and Economic Studies: Wine and Beer, 17th
                        Century to the Present (France, Portugal,
                        United States, United Kingdom)

                        Readings: Unwin, Wine & the Wine, 205-363
                                         Bennett, "The Golden Age of Port Wine"
                                         Lender & Martin, Drinking in America,

Nov. 20, 25,
Dec. 2, 4,
        9, 11   The War against Alcohol: Temperance &
                        Prohibition (Great Britain, South Africa,
                        France, United States)

                        Readings: Crush & Ambler, Liquor & Labor, 139-
                                                156, 162-181
                                         Barrows & Room, Drinking, 112-125,
                                                184-235, 265-285, 337-371
                                         Unwin, Wine & the Wine, 205-363
                                         Lender & Martin, Drinking in America,

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